We support our troops!

Yesterday morning three Italian soldiers have been killed by terrorists in Iraq. We felt full of outrage hearing such a terrible new! Everyday, in Iraq and other dangerous instable countries,  Italian, American and other allied soldiers die due to terrorism. There are no words to express the feeling inside Italian patriots, but surely we can say that in these moment we can partly understand how feel the families of soldiers. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children….many people every day have to receive the bad new. Only one thing keep our brave up: we now that those soldiers died to carry Democracy in a State without it and we well know that they did their duty! We are proud to be Democracy-keeper, and we are proud of those soldiers who die and fight to defend our lives! Carabinieri, our police officers, believe in the Latin words “Semper fidelis”, that means “Always faithful”: they demonstrated to trust faithfulness and they made us proud of them!

Pubblicato il 29/4/2006 alle 15.21 nella rubrica Diario.

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